My Release

Your words unnerve me, they tumble in my mind Wreaking havoc on my heart   Your actions undo me, they cause a pounding in my chest Leaving physical marks that you were there   A reminder I can’t escape you, your presence   Your mouth frees me, it starts a fire in my soul Scorching... Continue Reading →

Blahh, that is all I have

Today was crappy if for no other reason then I just woke up in some sort of mood. The dogs were barking my cat decided my pillow was her new perch, even though my head was clearly occupying the space she had set her yellow sights on, so she attempted to suffocate me with her... Continue Reading →

This healthy life struggle though…

I started this gym thing about a year and a half ago. I decided it was time to take control, or attempt to control, some aspect of my life. I was always an active person, I grew up playing sports like cross country, volleyball, softball and basketball. All of which were an unavoidable component to... Continue Reading →

Misadventures in Wax

Not that kinda wax lol So not too long ago I went for my annual checkup at the gyno, that dreaded yearly appointment where you hoist your legs up on stirrups and wait for some doctor to look at your lady bits and swab your freaking cervix. It’s pretty uncomfortable and it takes what feels... Continue Reading →

What Even… Literal outfit from hell

So… I bought a new nightie. Everyone that knows my sister and I know we like cute things. Puppies, kitties, stuffies, clothes. Her right now is socks, I’ve got my fair share of adorable socks but lately, I’ve been on this nightie shopping spree. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with them at the... Continue Reading →

2:45am – Crave

Breath and skin and teeth The feel of your body against me On top of me, Beside me Mouth and hands and heat The taste of you Your eyes, your groans, your scent Your commanding presence Encompassing, alluring, enthralling Your mouthwatering, body quivering growls Own me, crave me Scald me with your touch Teeth and... Continue Reading →

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