I decide if you can hurt me I decide if you can make me bleed I decide if you get to fuck me And I decide if you can please me My submission is an earned reward Not some trifle to be taken The pains I take are mine to give You should be so... Continue Reading →


The hunger is overwhelming, your scent fills my periphery, How long since I've known the feel of skin against skin, Bodies writhing, sweat dripping Animalistic tendencies take over, everything else fades away. I Need a taste of your lips, your touch, Take me to bliss. Nails biting, pulses quickening, How I crave for one quick... Continue Reading →

Greek Tragedy

Dark Adonis / Black and blue / Leather / Lips / Hands / Stutter / Smile / Sex / Cuerpo / Amor / Laughter / Taste / Woods / Carinos / Besos / Armor / Tentacion Emptiness / Gone / Skin / Perdicion / Sorrow / Sorpresa / Devuelto / Hope / Bruises / Miedo... Continue Reading →

Stuck on Repeat

We lay in your bed our bodies entwined like a nest of snakes, smiles on our faces, sweat covering our bodies, lies slipping off our tongues. Sweet nothings, for that is what they are, nothing; tender caresses, longing looks all pass between us. But it doesn’t last long. Soon we roll to separate ends of... Continue Reading →

The Truth

The look in your eyes tells me that you have so much to say to me and yet you refrain. Instead you fill the silence with meaningless words that you think I want to hear. In response I move closer and silence you with my lips. I don't want empty words. What I crave is... Continue Reading →

Own Me

Remove from me all that I am My voice is yours, tell me what to say My skin is yours to rend; make of it what you will Do not let me stray, tie me into the shape you desire My blood is yours to spill crown me with your pain Let your fingers trace... Continue Reading →

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