About Us

Some of you may know us as Tiffany and Melissa (or a variation of those names).

Others might know us as Tipsy and Mysti or ScriptorLulu and_Innamorata_

However you know us or stumbled upon our little nook, we hope you enjoy your stay

A little about us:

We love animals, tea, horror movies and all things geeky and nerdy. Just not math, never that.

Melissa is a mom and a full time student with her focus in feminist literature. Most of her writings are poetic with the occasional blog post.

Tiffany is a dual majoring full time student focusing on English and Anthropology, a self-published author and a big supporter of charity. She writes all sorts of things from plain ole blog posts to books and poetry.

Adventures in Ink is a shoot off from Tiffany’s personal site Tipsy-Ink. We chose to go by the moniker of Ink family because that is how Tiffany’s online community has come to know us all.


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