About Us

Some of you may know us as Tiffany and Melissa (or a variation of those names).

Others might know us as Tipsy and Mysti or ScriptorLulu and _Innamorata_

However you know us or stumbled upon our little nook, we hope you enjoy your stay

A little about us:

We love animals, tea, horror movies, music, photography and all things geeky and nerdy. Just not math, never that, unless we are talking monopoly money then sure why not 😛

  • Melissa is a mom and a full time student with her focus in feminist literature who hopes to one day become a teacher. Most of her writings are poetic with the occasional blog post.


  • Tiffany is a dual majoring full time student focusing on English and Anthropology with a focus on Gender Studies and Mythology. She’s a self-published author and a big supporter of charity. She writes all sorts of things from plain ole blog posts to books and poetry. She loves to crack jokes with friends but beware her snark, it’s been known to cause all sorts of mayhem.

Adventures in Ink is what some might call a spin-off from Tiffany’s personal site Tipsy-Ink. We both chose to go by the moniker of Ink family because that is how Tiffany’s much loved online community from her writing to streaming on Twitch has come to know us all


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