Weathered Storm

I’m sorry if I can’t bend
If I’m incapable of being soft
You see this world has worn and weathered the stone that was once my heart.

There’s so much I’ve never spoken
Things I kept locked up

Please don’t judge me to harshly if I’m afraid of opening up

It’s that look of pity, the heartfelt sigh
It’s those things of comfort
That kill me everytime

I’m sorry I can’t bend
I’m sorry I’m not soft
I’m sorry I’m too damaged
And I’m sorry I’m closed off

I’m sorry for the endless apologies
And my lack of open thoughts

But if you really get the chance to know me
You might find the hidden parts

I might let you see my scars
I might let you in my heart
I might tell you every broken promise that has torn my world apart

If you handle me with patience
If handle me with care

Maybe things could be different
Maybe things would be fair

And you if you really want to be here
If you want to see these scars
Maybe when I let you read me
And you explore those hidden parts

Maybe this time would be different

Maybe then you might come to realize I’m the one

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