Umm what even?

Gaiiisss, why did no one warn me this was gonna happen?

I knew my hormones we’re gonna go buck wild, I mean I already cry for absolutely no reason lately and I knew bodyaches and sleepiness were another symptom but for fucks sake is nothing sacred anymore.

Why the hell am I waking up in the middle of the night horny as hell like some prepubescent teen scrambling to jerk off before someone finds out?!?!

These mother fluffing fluctuating hormones are gonna be the death of me. I feel like an insatiable mess right now because nothing is stopping the waves of pure need rippling through my body 😫

I don’t know how some women do this!

On purpose at that.

The cravings, the irritability, the tears, the sleepiness, and the weird  body temps all felt like a bit too much and now you wanna add needing sex more than I already did to the mix.

For fucks sake, I don’t think a vibrator is gonna be able to hold this off for long.

What the actual fuck?

I legit feel like I’m gonna lose my mind if I don’t have sex soon…

What’s a single mommy to be to do?

Especially when the only dude she can think of while riding the waves is the one person she would rather not have running through her mind…the one guy she can’t stand and wants to throttle.

I seriously can’t stop thinking about his goddamn hands while I feel like this but then I get a different kinda frustrated because I don’t even think I can stand being in his presence without hurting him right now.


As always legit advice is always welcome.

Forreal though, help a woman out!

4 thoughts on “Umm what even?

Add yours

  1. You need a dose of angry/hate sex. Works wonders most of the time, all that worked for me during the beginning of my second trimester and as a plus my ex-husband loved it.
    These cravings are just like the food ones your getting from the baby, your body remembers something it got or found enjoyable and now it wants it again. Sometimes those cravings get a little fucked up in transmission


    1. Probably lol because nothing and I do mean nothing is working this far 🤣 but this kiddo needs to stop tryna boss me around. I would much rather my sex drive turn off completely for the remaining months, k thx


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