Things I Wish I Said


I tell myself through the anxious haze that has fogged my mind and clouded my vision,

This isn’t the time or place


I repeat through the sobs.

This isn’t worth your tears or time


I wish I could tell you all the things that are racing through my mind

Ask a million questions

But in the end, I will never really know why

I wish I could bring myself to hate you

Yell the things I wish I said

But I could never intentionally hurt

Not the way that you hurt me

I know you feel defeated, so I’ll keep these words with me.


Did you think that you were clever?

That you could get away with you lie?

If you didn’t want to hurt me then please tell me why.


Do you even really know me

And the things that make me tick?

Did you care to take the chance?


Do you realize you nearly destroyed me?

You did a number on my self esteem

Made feel that I was crazy

Every time I asked you why?


You had me thinking I could trust you

That the problem was just my pride.


You made me feel I wasn’t worth it

You made me feel so fucking small




You hid me in the corner

Your secret hidden shame

And every time I asked you if I should walk away

You held on and told your lies


You made feel like I was crazy and that I was just picking a fight

But these just scratch the surface of the things I wish I said

If I could only hate you maybe the pain would go away…


Did you know that even now I can’t bring myself to regret?


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