He gave me an excuse to travel more.

To escape the feelings I longed to ignore

But I feel a restlessness
A fire in my bones
The need to explore
You, this, the ocean…
A confession of my own

Forgive my hesitance
My inability to express myself in your presence
Forgive the unwavering distance I use as my shield
The armor encasing the shell of the woman I was before.
I’m a little broken
Slightly damaged
Insecure and always unsure

My footing is shaky
My heart beats wildly
But the music calls to my soul
It’s a timeless dance I’ve danced before
A different partner
A different stage
But the ending is always the same

Biology gave my heart a built-in defense, a cage to hide and protect
And a way to convince myself to never change…
An excuse to never really let you in

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