Unfortunately I Did

Can a wish fix a broken heart?

Did you know what you were doing when you broke my heart?
Can you tell me, did you plan to hurt me from the start?

Was I some kind of conquest?
Some sick little game?
Was I some stupid fool you could make fun of and play?

Well you won now
Here you go, I fold

I’m just a broken shell, a shadow of the woman I was

I fell in love with the promise of you
Those sweet whispers and words

Hushed promises from a simple sweet boy with a hypnotizing smile and the darkest, most beautiful eyes

You set me on fire
Made me feel again

But it seems you snuck past my defenses just to break me down in the end

The way you looked at me sent shivers down my spine
There was something about you that drew me in from the start.
I knew i wanted you in my life always… But it seems you never really felt that way about me.

When you smiled I found it hard to look away…
For those brief moments you made me happier than I can never say

I wish i could hate you. Tear you out of my heart. Erase the pain. Forget the memories.

Why didn’t I walk away?
Why did I stay?
Why did I let you use me and break me down this way?

How could I be so stupid?
So trusting?
So unbelievably naive?

How did I get here?
I knew better than this

I knew these feelings you invoked in me would one day shatter me

I knew I should not have let you in

I knew it wasn’t safe

I knew you would destroy me and throw me out like trash

I knew… I knew… I knew

I knew I shouldn’t have loved you but unfortunately I did

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