Dinner with the Inks

Papa_Ink: Dinner was good

S1: (sarcastically) I couldn’t tell

Papa_Ink: (indignantly) I ate just as much as you did

S1: No freaking way I had 1 piece of lasagna

S2: Pa, you ate seconds


* Papa_Ink shrugs and walks away from table * 


Papa_Ink: You gonna eat that last piece of bread


* S1 glares, S2 laughs * 


S1: Go for it… (Sarcastically) I mean you ate the same amount as I did, right?

Papa_Ink: Two pieces of lasagna are equal to one

S2: How does that even make sense. Two pieces are 2 pieces.

S1: Your logic is clearly flawed old man. *looks at S2* He’s your father.

S2: At least he’s funny


* Silence *


S2: He’s dipping the bread into the pan of lasagna

S1: Get away from the lasagna! Eww, no don’t double dip you nasty!

Papa_Ink: *looks at S2* tattletale

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