Another Conversation with the Inks

S1 shoves ballet shoe in between door hinges and closes it

S2: What the fuck are you doing?

S1: Breaking the box…

S2: Bitch the box is at your feet

S1: (sighs) Not the shoe box… the shoe’s box. Uggh, I mean, not the box it came in but the one IN the shoe, right here. (Points at the top part of the pointe shoe)

S2: If you say so… Why do you need to do that?

S1: So my toesies don’t get all messed up when I’m dancing, plus it’s safer than using a hammer

S2: Mess up your toes more than they already are?

S1: Ha. Ha. Ha. Well aren’t you a fluffing comedian?

S2: Don’t break yourself while you’re at it you clumsy bitch (Walks away)

S1: (Yelling after S2) It runs in the family so no promises Puñeta! (closes door on fingers) Ouch! Shit, you jinxed me

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