Picky little things

I was out shopping with my sister @mystiink today for our new fall semester. I injured myself again because I’m a clumsy mess but nothing serious so, VICTORY!

Anyway, we do this shopping thing for every big semester in the year, fall is usually our most hectic one. it’s a silly little tradition where we buy new agendas and calendars to keep us from losing our ever loving minds (although the notion of us having them in the first place is debatable) and my god are we some picky bitches. We started off at target because it’s our normal go to and not cray expensive but not packed with people like the bane of our existence Walmart usually is. Unfortunately, we had some sort of complaint about every stupid planner we picked up. Too detailed with every hour of the day accounted for or to blocky and not enough space. Not cute enough or way too bright. Within 10 mins we had effectively gone through every option and found something we hated about each of them, so we decided to try another store. Luckily we found our perfect matches at our next stop Office Depot for a price I refuse to believe I spent on a stupid notebook, regardless of how beautiful or perfect it is.

But the experience got us thinking about our expectations and how picky we are in other aspects of our lives… it’s quite possible that we are wanting too much which is likely the cause of our chronic case of singleness. (I’m obviously exaggerating. Don’t kill me woman!)

  • We like our partners to give us attention, but don’t you dare give us too much or we get bothered and bored. #SorryNotSorry
  • We want dirty talking sex gods that are absolute gentlemen. Basically, tell me all the filthy things you are gonna do to me but not when it’s the first thing you’re going to say to me. That is not an introduction. Also, while we are fully capable of taking care of ourselves… sometimes surprise us by opening the door for us or I dunno, do the dishes when I cook. 0MG yes do that! You’d be a you’d be a fucking rockstar if you did.
  • Also, I personally love it when my partner is intelligent. Challenge me because I sure as hell will challenge you. But don’t mansplain please. I don’t know everything but it’s annoying when you assume I can’t tell a carburetor from the alternator, or a touchdown from a homerun. Contrary to popular belief… I’m a woman not an idiot.

Please note that this was all in good fun and we in no way expect our partners to be perfect, although I was serious about the dishes bit 😛

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