There is no time limit or expiration date for healing. It is not a gallon of milk that has a use by date stamped onto the side of it.

There is no right and wrong when it comes to time. There is no perfect guideline on how to steer that particular boat.

Trauma and the repercussions of that trauma, whatever they may be are not universal. If you took 5 months vs 5 years  to heal that is great for you but that is not a staple that everyone must meet. Statements like “you should be over that by now” are often just as damaging as the trauma itself.

Everyone is entitled to whatever time they need and belittling someone for needing 2, 3, or even 15 years vs your shorter time is not ok and vice versa.

It’s a horrible feeling being judged for not healing at someone else’s pace or timeline.


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