Why does clothing hate me?

Clothing and I have a love hate relationship… I love them, they hate me and go out of their way to make my life more difficult.

I know, I know they are inanimate objects and not a sentient beings.

So like my earlier post states I’ve lost a ridiculous amount of weight. With that said, I did a little online shopping (shut up, it was only a little). I got a few shirts and skirts for work, some shorts cause it’s Miami and hello heat, and a few pants. I also got some essentials like bras and panties. I always shop at the same online retailers because it’s just easier for me and I lnornally ike the fit from these stores.

I got a handful of cute undies and even went out of my comfort zone and bought a really nice blueish thong. I don’t like thongs, a constant wedgie is not my idea of comfort and I tend to feel super self conscious when wearing them. Because of this I tend to steer towards cheeky panties and boyshorts… nothing too fancy I suppose but I’m all for cute undies so when I came across these guys on the site I quite literally shrugged my shoulders and added them to my cart.

I got my order confirmation and a day or so later I saw the shipping email so I was all sorts of excited lol. I had it shipped to the store simply because I didn’t feel like paying for shipping.

I got the email that they were ready for pick up, went and picked up the package, stopped at Sephora to pick up my free birthday gift, went home, cooked dinner and sorta forgot all about opening the package…

I feel so betrayed. I’m not being dramatic. Okay, okay maybe I am being a little dramatic.

I opened the package.

Everything was soooooo nice and they all fit great and then… I got to the thongs. Super cute, super pretty blue, nice soft material but the site description failed to mention a VERY important detail. Super important information when purchasing undergarments that you plan to wear with that really nice new pencil skirt so you don’t have to worry about panty lines.

These mother fuckers are crotchless!

I mean it kinda works for my whole panties stay on rule but it defeats the purpose of purchasing everyday undies.

This is why product descriptions are important. Seriously though, why do all my clothes hate me?

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