You cage me with your words,
Held me captive like a butterfly.
But the beauty of it was only meant to last for a few weeks.
You tried to stop my dance,
Controlling every half step and beat.
But the music was always in my heart.
Your hands, once sweet and gentle
Even in the most heated lashes
Turned sour.
But I broke free, and I healed.
You tried to cut my wings so I couldn’t fly,
Your fists tarnishing and leaving your ugly mark
On a canvas you had no right to change.
But I broke free and I soared,
I painted my own picture over that travesty.
You tried to hold me captive,
You tried to break me down,
But I am not weak.
I am not your prisoner.
You don’t hold that power, not anymore.
I will not be trapped in a memory,
Your empty words won’t soothe my aches
You will not dance with me in my memories
The music in my heart ha swept you away.
If at ever you feel tempted to reach out, remember this
I am stronger than you thought I could ever be.
I move to rhythms you can never hear,
I fly in skies you can never see
I survive in cages of my own making.
But I am not your victim,
Not then, not now.

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