Shoes Made by the Devil Himself

So there are these shoes. They are beautiful and gold and sparkly and everything a girl could want. Problem is the heels are so high that I can’t walk in them. So why did I buy them? Suffice to say that my sister made me do it! Yes I am older and yes it was my money but that child has a certain power over my purchases. So I bought the shoes and as if that wasn’t enough I was forced to wear them. Not once but twice. The first time went off with only minimal issue. I have this habit of taking off my shoes when they bother me so they lasted all of one hour on my feet. Then I was parading around barefoot and naked, yes naked. Did I mention we went to a play party? No? My bad! Once the night was over I squeezed my feet back into those puppies and drove home. Yay the worst was over! It was that night.

After that first night, my sister had apparently been trying to find a way to make me wear them again. Unbeknownst to me she had found a way to do it. We had another event to go to, surprise I know, and she decided that I had to wear them again and she managed to trick me into it (I’m sticking by that statement to my dying day). She said that I just had to wear them with this particular dress and I decided it wasn’t worth the pain of arguing. I even told her that I had thought about wearing them that night anyway. So there I am in this sexy little black dress and the beautiful shoes made by the devil himself. At first everything was fine and like before I kicked the shoes off before the first hour had passed. Hell it may have even been quicker than that. But of course once the night was over I had to put the damned things back on and this time they did not want to cooperate. Not when I put them on and less so when I tried walking in them. But I’m so stubborn that I kept them on until I fell flat on my face. Oh yeah that’s right I fell down and took my damnable pride with me. I was then helped to the car by my laughing sister and the dude who owns the place. Extra dork points for me! I got to my car and kicked those puppies off. And guess what? They’re still in my car even though it has been a whole two weeks since the event. If ever I take those shoes out of my car I’m liable to put them in the trash so there they will stay.

One thought on “Shoes Made by the Devil Himself

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  1. Lies and slander woman!

    You make me sound eviler(is that even a word) than I really am!

    I did not make you buy them, you said you wanted gold thick heels for the black romper, nor did I force you to wear them… I merely suggested quite heavily that they would look fan-tab-ulous with that dress.

    What I did make you do was wear that bright ass lipstick!

    P.S. Thank you for that edit I requested, not quite ready to declare all that yet 😛 ❤


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