My Release

Your words unnerve me, they tumble in my mind

Wreaking havoc on my heart


Your actions undo me, they cause a pounding in my chest

Leaving physical marks that you were there


A reminder I can’t escape you, your presence


Your mouth frees me, it starts a fire in my soul

Scorching an invisible trail that begins where your lips trace against my heated skin


Your hands consume me, they make me tremble at your touch

Bending to your will. Making me forget where I end and you begin


My thoughts swirl in a heated rhythm that scream at me for sweet release

Until there is nothing but you.


My mouth fails me, until all I have are the words written on this page

My emotions betray me, until you’ve claimed me once again


But my eyes, they cannot hide what I cannot say.

My eyes will always reveal my truths, if to no one else but you.


You have every single part of me

You are my release.

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