Blahh, that is all I have

Today was crappy if for no other reason then I just woke up in some sort of mood. The dogs were barking my cat decided my pillow was her new perch, even though my head was clearly occupying the space she had set her yellow sights on, so she attempted to suffocate me with her fluff. My roommate came into my room to ask me for advice, what it was I don’t know and I am pretty sure I just grunted at him and tried to cling to those final 15 minutes of sleep. Read my daily rune, tarot card and affirmation. They all seemed to mock me in their own way. Yay me! *Please note that was dripping with sarcasm as that seems to be the only language I can speak today, with a hint of full blown sass and a dash of contempt.*

My writing usually benefits from these days but I’m not sure it’s worth the stress. Work was really slow.

Lots of filing. My shortness was detrimental to this task and a whole box full of files came a tumbling down… on me.

I think, I may have cried. I’m not quite sure what happened next but I know it involved one of the office dogs jumping on me and ow, he needs his nails clipped the little fucker. And then I had to mop up the other one’s pee after I stepped in it and almost busted my face.

I think I want to go to the gym to relieve some of this pent-up stress and frustration but I may be a little bit skeptical of my ability to survive this endeavor unscathed. I’m thinking I need to get my behind home, pop open a bottle of wine and relax for the remainder of the day with some homemade pasta (but the thought of cooking has me feeling extra blah and 100% sure I’m gonna be attacked by a cooking utensil or the boiling water).

Tomorrow I think, I may need the sun but I can’t remember if I have any meetings with clients… I think it’s safe to assume I need a nap before bedtime so I can ignore the remainder of the day’s responsibilities.

Why does it feel like the cosmos are out to get me?

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