Misadventures in Wax

Not that kinda wax lol

So not too long ago I went for my annual checkup at the gyno, that dreaded yearly appointment where you hoist your legs up on stirrups and wait for some doctor to look at your lady bits and swab your freaking cervix. It’s pretty uncomfortable and it takes what feels like an eternity to get your results. It’s also when my doc gives me my refill for my yearly birth control script. Happily, all is good but as many of you ladies may know, the doc usually examines your breasts as well. Here’s the thing, I bruise like a peach and certain areas of my body hold those bruises a little more than others… my boobs happen to be one of those places and I still had some remnants just hanging out on them.

My doctor has been seeing me since before I had a sex life so I’ve had all the awkward talks with her and I’m usually pretty open with her (pun not intended) but this time when she was doing my exam she noticed the bruises and asked me what happened. I kinda just froze there mouth open, probably resembling some demented deer fish hybrid with wide eyes. When I could speak, I said the only thing I could think of… some half assed response I probably would have told a friend. I told her that she should talk to my wax technician, I believe the words I used were somewhere along the lines of “You should talk to my wax tech, she’d have some interesting stories for you”. She laughed and went about her business. My sister got a kick outta this story when she asked me how my appointment went. (I think she enjoys my slip ups more than she should, the big meanie!)

To surmise, my wax tech sees it all on a monthly basis, she has also seen some pretty interesting marks on my butt in the last couple of years and I probably share more with her than any doctor. I remember the first time she ever saw my tush in all its post play glory. I went in for my typical session and we were talking through the whole process cause I guess it’s a bit awkward for both parties during the whole process. She’d just finished the front end, asked me to flip then gasped in horror. I obviously freaked out, completely forgetting what my behind looked like. Luckily, she’s awesome and when she noticed my red face she made a joke about an overzealous lover and that was that. Since that day, I’ve never seen another wax tech, which is good cause I don’t think I can handle anymore unforeseen incidents like this one ha ha

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