My Release

Your words unnerve me, they tumble in my mind Wreaking havoc on my heart   Your actions undo me, they cause a pounding in my chest Leaving physical marks that you were there   A reminder I can’t escape you, your presence   Your mouth frees me, it starts a fire in my soul Scorching... Continue Reading →

Blahh, that is all I have

Today was crappy if for no other reason then I just woke up in some sort of mood. The dogs were barking my cat decided my pillow was her new perch, even though my head was clearly occupying the space she had set her yellow sights on, so she attempted to suffocate me with her... Continue Reading →

This healthy life struggle though…

I started this gym thing about a year and a half ago. I decided it was time to take control, or attempt to control, some aspect of my life. I was always an active person, I grew up playing sports like cross country, volleyball, softball and basketball. All of which were an unavoidable component to... Continue Reading →


I decide if you can hurt me I decide if you can make me bleed I decide if you get to fuck me And I decide if you can please me My submission is an earned reward Not some trifle to be taken The pains I take are mine to give You should be so... Continue Reading →


The hunger is overwhelming, your scent fills my periphery, How long since I've known the feel of skin against skin, Bodies writhing, sweat dripping Animalistic tendencies take over, everything else fades away. I Need a taste of your lips, your touch, Take me to bliss. Nails biting, pulses quickening, How I crave for one quick... Continue Reading →

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