About my sister

So I’ve got this biological sister

She’s one of my best friends which is great cause life gave me a built in companion for all my geeky adventures. She’s also pretty awesome, otherwise she wouldn’t be my best friend/sister. We do a lot together since we share most of the same interests BUT we have our limits!

This is a funny situation for us and a post long time coming because we are both in the lifestyle, and on Fet. We carpool most times to events like munches and play parties because we live together. We can and will talk about anything with one another but we both agreed early on that we would not “friend” one another on Fet. It’s just a matter of me not needing or wanting to see her lady business and she does not need to see mine ha ha. I’m her little sister, it’s kinda not kosher for us, we do not swing that way and we do not share partners.

I understand that this is a kink for some of you but it’s not one for us. I don’t play with her, I won’t play with her unless we’re talking video games and board games, and if I’ve made this clear to you and you still try… it’s no longer a kink, it’s coercion and you are an unnecessary douche.

This statement is meant for all gender identities.

Threesomes are obviously not an issue for me, I quite like them thank you very much, but it’s never gonna mother fluffing happen with my sister. If you insist then there’s the metaphorical door…

Bye Felica/Fulana.

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