Dark Corners – WIP

“Cover my body like a tattoo” she whispered in his ear; lightly running her fingers across his shoulder then down his chest “Show me all your dark corners and every hidden part of you”.

She felt him shudder before his shoulders relaxed with a sigh that brushed across her neck giving her goosebumps. She had a moment to revel in the delicious shiver that worked its way down her spine before he crushed her soft body into his with a primal growl, trapping her arms between them and pushing her back against the door. His lips bruising hers.

She was at his mercy, all she could do was wait with bated breath.

This is a little snippet from something I’m working on for my next book so when I got the ok from my agent to post this on my site for my everyday readers I figured I could share it here as well. This also just a working title.

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